Dead Again


I love my Saturday routine. Sleep in. My husband and daughter go off to shul. Neviyah and I play. Learn. Sing. Nap. Eat lunch. Wait for the rest of the family. Then we go to daven Minchah, Ma'ariv and Havdalah. It is the same group of people we have been davening with for over two years now (it may be over three years--need to check with Rob). Rob and I have a system. I daven Minchah, he watches Neviyah. We eat. He davens Ma'ariv, I watch Neviyah. We all make Havdalah together.

Last night, after Havdalah, Lauren told me that sometime soon (September, October?) there is going to a Dead Symphony...U-city symphony's tribute to the Dead. How cool is that?!? If anyone finds out any information on this, let me know and as I am updated, I will let YOU know.



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