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WARNING: If you aren't comfortable with all things feminine and with too much information about my menstrual cycle, then please skip this entry. Although only the first two or three lines contain said information, you may still want to skip.

I swear I don't think this period is going to end. It just gets heavier and heavier and heavier. And it goes on and on and on. The cramping is completely obnoxious. I have always been cursed with bad periods but this is ridiculous. I already have low iron but it must be near the bottom right now. I am pastey in color, exhausted and I almost passed out in the shower this morning. I normally don't like to take meds or supps, but I think I am going to head to Walgreens on my lunch to get a decent multivitamin with iron.

My five-day-weekend rocked! We had a lot of fun and made a lot of outings...from hanging at friend's houses to going to Grant's Farm to visiting Meramec Caverns to some good old fashioned swimming. I am especially proud of Alia who one day could NOT swim and then suddenly COULD! She has really made great strides with swimming and can now swim about 6 to 8 feet on her own. Yay Alia!!!



rach said…
sorry about your period. That totally sucks! However, it is amazing that you produce mass quantities of milk while ON your period and when your daughter is almost one and a half... you are like super mom!

On another note, I almost feel left out that I was not one of your friends that you hung out with on your 5-day weekend. Almost because we already see each other almost every day at work!

However, I say this because if we are both off on Friday's we should plan a day to get together with Nevi and Adeena (yes, and Alia and Eli). Maybe at the Maryland Heights rec pool, the park, the zoo, whatever ...
Kimber said…
Rachael! You must find your brain!!! You were one of the friends I hung out with...I went to your mom's house for 4th of July! LOL

We have never been to the Maryland Heights rec pool. I have also been wanting to take Neviyah to the Children's Museum. Perfect age for it right now.
Heidi said…
Sounds like a nice long weekend! You didn't mention fireworks. We had a great time in OH, and I always wish we could be there longer. We avoided burning anything down this time - always good!

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