It is an arduous task to read through the three Responsa for family purity laws and mikvah use put out by the Conservative movement. Oy! The first one is over 35 pages long! My eyes are rolling into the back of my head. It isn't that it isn't interesting because it is. It is just that it is so dry.

The first one I am reading is by Berkowitz. It was approved by the CJLS on September 13, 2006, with 11 in favor, 1 opposed and 7 abstaining. The main question is how we should observe the lase of Tohorat MaMishpahah in our times.

I am only on page 18 but already I am guessing that this may be the strictest view of the three but I guess I will have to read the other two to be sure.

If anyone out there is interested in reading it, I would be happy to forward the pdf to you. And I would love some feedback on it--supportive, critical, whatever.