Old Men


No, I am not talking about Rabbi Neal. He isn't old. And no, this isn't a post about the going away get-together for the Roses. I can't write about that. I can't write about them leaving. About our get together. I prefer denial. Denial is safe. Comfortable. And yes, a little insane, but I have never claimed to have it all together.

This, my friends, is about old-as-hell drivers.

Today, after picking Chandler up from camp, we were behind a rather slow vehicle. At some point, it pulled to the side. Unfortunately, on this two way street, there was no "side" to pull over on. This did not stop the driver. We passed. I noticed the driver was old as hell. We'll just call him Mr. OAH for the purposes of this story.

In the rear view mirror, I watched Mr. OAH kind of pull back into the street then stop again. In the road. People were swerving around. I asked Rob to turn back around. Surely this man is having a heart attack, is confused or simply having car trouble. Regardless, he clearly needed help.

Rob did a U-turn and started back towards him. At this point, Mr. OAH pulled away at a nice speed of 6 miles per hour then turned into a neighborhood. We followed. Stopping before the cultasac (sp?), we waited for him to make the turn. Our window was down. He stopped. We spoke through our windows.

He was lost. Going to his daughter's house. Couldn't remember the street name. Didn't know where he was. He mumbled a bit. Seemed confused...like he was trying to recall something he knows well but just couldn't do it.

I asked him if he had his daughter's phone number. He said yes. Fumbled. Found his cell phone. Called her. Told her we were helping him and that he didn't know how to get to her house. We told him where he was, he conveyed that to his daughter and then we were able to verify how to get there.

Truthfully, I would have prefered to speak to his daughter, to tell her that he was confused. That he didn't think to pull over somewhere safely to call her.

She didn't offer to come get him and he did not convey how confused he was. He said his thank you and then went on his way. I hope he made it safely. I hope his daughter drives him home.