Eliora Shoshana


I had the honor and good fortune to be the mikvah attendant for the conversion of Eliora Shoshana. I know many people who have converted. Such a decision is extremely personal and for some, it is more of a calling of one's soul, not really a choice.

Eliora Shoshana is someone I can image at the foot of Mount Sinai, accepting the Torah. She is someone I see amongst the crowds of people, souls. Heads turned slightly upward. Basking in the light of G-d, as wonderful and terrifying as that is.

Eliora. G-d is [my] light. One only had to be there with her at the mikvah to know that she is filled with light. Whether or not she recognizes the source of that light, I do not know. Her eyes reflect her inner light.

Shoshana. Rose [flower/lily]. For the Roses. Neal and Carnie. I wish Rabbi Neal could have been there. I truly believe that like a flower, Eliora Shoshana will open and bloom into a strong, confident, sensitive and kind Jewish woman.

Eliora Shoshana. Welcome to our tribe.