The Kidz


I want to start with Chandler because at this moment, I am so proud of him. There are times that I just look at this kid and think, "Wow." He started Religious School today. It is structured like a college--six choices for three classes. He chose History after Moses, a Midrash class and a Mitzvot class. He was able to discuss each class, what he learned, what the debate/discussion was and his view on it (and why). WOW! We were so impressed!

After Religious School, he had choir practice with Sharon. Why? Because he is singing/chanting on both Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. It is a small group of teens and they sound AMAZING! I am not kidding you. Amazing. If you have no where to daven on either of those days, come to B'nai Amoona to let these teens prayers lift you to new spiritual places.

(Did I mention he is reading Torah at the end of September as well?)

On to Alia...these are a couple of pictures from her first day of school. This is her desk. The other picture is her in front of the school sign. This year, Alia has the most amazing and genius teacher EVER. I am so impressed. I wish that Alia could have her the rest of her school career. I don't have time to type it here, but at some point I will blog about why I am so impressed with her teacher. Alia, meanwhile, has really turned into a book worm. I fear she will be like Chandler and we will always be 3 to 5 books behind what she needs. A few weeks ago, we bought her 10 more used book and she only has something like 2 left to read. Help!?!

To Neviyah...who is speaking in sentences, always says "thank you," almost always says "please," and loves to...dress up! Here she is in her dress, Alia's shorts, Alia's underwear, Alia's shirt and Alia's sweatpants as a turban. Too cute. Too much fun!