News from Camp

Yes! There is news from camp!

No, it isn't directly from Chandler.

Still. It is news. And I will take it!

Dear Folk,

Just a brief note to report that all is well at Kibbutz Buber. Your kids are amazing and have bonded very nicely! They have been quite busy gardening, engaged in philosophical discussions, doing yoga, jamming, cooking meals, new davening experiences (this morning we did a meditative walk into the forest).

In the garden the Buberniks have havested green beans, tomatoes, carrots, peppers and also weeded big time and today will be turning over the soil for the late summer, early fall crop.

They've been very good about getting to bed on time and are quite awake and raring to go the next morning!

This afternoon we head out to the Covanta recycling plant near Sanctuary and then, weather permitting, play disc (frisbee) golf at Seneca State Park.

Your kids are a pleasure.



Michaela said…
how do I sign up to attend this camp?! sounds awesome!
Mom said…
Sounds like the kids are keeping busy and having fun too~