The Night Before


It is the night before I leave. I am not fully packed. I am exhausted. I have been crying off and on during this evening at the thought of leaving Neviyah. It is tearing me up.

I made some tea for Alia and I. We snuggled in bed and watched Chopped, a cooking competition. She wrote a simple prayer for me to put in the Wall. She read it to me. "Peace on Earth." She is such a sweet girl.

For Chandler, it is just another night. He is more excited about playing WOW now that he was able to afford to buy another month worth of service. He too wrote prayers and read them to me. His are a list of self-inventory-items. An honest plea to Hashem to transform him into a better version of himself.

Rob is at class. The same class I took three years ago. We have been trying all day to get on the same page. The desire is there. The nerves won't let us claim a victory just yet.

I hope and pray that I am able to soak this experience and opportunity in the moment...throw abandon to the wind...and live. Live this time I have in Israel. Experience this time I have in Israel. Be.