We usually spend Thanksgiving in Chicago. On the Magnificent Mile. A few blocks from the Thanksgiving parade. In the middle of Black Friday shopping. We have a vegetarian Thanksgiving meal during the show we always go to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. It is fun, exciting and the horsemanship is amazing.
This year, I have to be back in time to speak at shul on Saturday...which means I have to be back before Shabbat begins...which means I have to be back by Friday late morning/early afternoon. We couldn't bare driving some 5 hours with the baby, staying for a day or two and then driving it back...without being able to window shop Friday or stay the weekend.
So, I took a 1/2 day on Tuesday, Wednesday off...and we are doing something new this year. We drove to Kansas and are at the Great Wolf Lodge. The highlights have been the MagiQuest game that takes place around the entire lodge and involves a magic wand and one heck of a search!
The water park, which is huge and has a lot to offer. Alia finally went down a water slide and to her surprise--she loved it! There are five of them here and she loves them all. Neviyah, who seems to prefer the bathtub in our room to the pool/waterpark, finally found her place. The "family whirlpool" which has bath-warm water. Truth be told, that is my favorite place, too!
The arcade seems like it would be great. Rob took Alia there last night but by the time they got back, Neviyah and I were snoring away. Everyone is still sleeping so I have no update on that one yet.
Today is Thanksgiving. Not sure what we are going to do about food...hopefully there will be some kind of vegetarian offering. I would hate to have to eat cold fruit for my Thanksgiving!
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving filled with love, gratitude, kindness, warm fuzzy feelings and, of course, lots of delicious FOOD!!!
Pictures coming...