Bzzzzzz bzzzzzz bzzzzzz


Days like this. Fast. Too fast. There was a lot to do. It felt like I went from meeting to meeting to meeting to meeting. I have projects and papers and deadlines and end of year auditing and other such nonsense piling up. I come home to my children's homework, their frustrations with it, their need for help understanding or checking it. Then dinner. Decide. Make. Clean up. Then we have the nagging after dinner. Can I use the computer? Just this once? I need extra time for this activity or that activity. Of course, that is if we aren't running around driving them to swimming, Hebrew, this, that. By the time I am able to actually relax, have some ME time, it is late or my brain is in list mode...

  • need to do x y z for work.
  • need to check on x y z for kid number 1.
  • need to make appointment for kid number 3.
  • need to email kid number 2's teacher about x.

Then I drift to sleep to wake around 5 a.m. and start all over again. My merry-go-round is spinning too quickly. It isn't so much fun and perhaps I am getting dizzy and sick to my stomach! And what is with the people that keep pushing the merry=go-round in circles. Stop already!!!

I can almost hear Carol's voice...

Visualize the merry-go-round slowing down, to a stop. You are in control of its speed. Just slow it down. Step off of the merry-go-round. Slowly walk away and enter the lush garden. Notice the table with eight varieties of wine...they are all yours!

Oh, okay, that is my voice at the end. It would be nice, though, to enter a lush garden and have a delicious wine selection available to me! Or...even a warm cup of Republic of Tea!



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