No, this isn't a post about leaders and followers, it is not a sappy "self help" entry, and finally, it is not a commentary or speech to my 14-year old about the dangers of being a "follower" and how peer pressure can affect even those with high self images and strong support systems. And for those getting this on Facebbok through RSS feed, you will have to actually come to this blog ( to know what I am talking about.

Followers is a new gadget on Blogger. Okay, it isn't THAT new, but I am just now using it on my site. Scroll down past the About Me section on my blog on the will see a section called "Followers." Click the FOLLOW button are done!

The FOLLOW gadget serves several purposes...

  1. To let the author (in this case me) know that you read my blog! Very important stuff!
  2. If you have a blog through Blogger, your Dashboard has a Reading List that will display all of the blogs that you "follow" for quick and easy viewing of those sites.

Anyway...if you read, please consider becoming a is nice to see who reads it!