Oh Chanukah...


I can't pretend that Chanukah is my favorite holiday because it isn't. I don't hate it. I do like it. But it isn't in my top 5 favorite holidays. That being said, we always try to do something to encourage inner growth, and to bring a little more light into the world.

We have never made this holiday about gifts; however, this year, we did happen to buy more than usual, mainly because there were things the kids needed that we decided to wrap...like a new coat, long sleeved shirts, pajamas. Neviyah was in desperate need of age appropriate toys and so far she is really enjoying the ones she has unwrapped. It makes me realize how overdue these learning toys are for her.

Chandler is enjoying his new Jewish group of friends. They have now met up at the J for LightFest, hung out at Friday night services, gone to a USY event together and today are meeting at Oberweiss for ice cream and then a movie. I am glad he is enjoying his "independent" time. He is learning, though, that just because he has friends doesn't mean he gets free reign and that we still have to meet and get to know friends before he gets the privilege of hanging out with them. Hard lesson. Heated conversation. He came around, though, and understands the rules and has agreed that they make sense even if he doesn't like it.

Alia's new haircut is too cute. She is really starting to get into pop culture. She wants to watch iCarly on TV. We have been back and forth on this issue. I don't want her to be disconnected from her peers but I also want to make sure that she is watching programming that relays an appropriate message to girls. I don't want programming that includes back biting drama, boy craziness, sexualization, or conveying a message about dress, weight, etc. I have watched the program with her twice...one was borderline and one was okay. I guess we will just continue to evaluate.

Rob has gotten me two gifts so far...one, a salt glow and hydro water massage and another is a free "watch the kids" ticket for anytime I want some me-time with friends. Yay me!



I just happened to come aross your blog and thought it was cute!! I love the organic stuff and all that. How are you? I hope that you check out my blog and comment! Your kiddies are so cute too! Take care.