True Unconditional Love


The things one does for one's family. Staying awake all night, interpreting each child's movements and sounds to make sure to get the bucket positioned quickly for whichever child begins to vomit first. Changing sheets. Wiping mouths, Cleaning puke buckets. Saying enouraging words. Wiping brows. Blowing noses. Checking temperatures. Checking hydration levels. Watching the chest rise and fall. Feeling for and counting the heartrate. Googling symptoms. Worrying about missing work. Worrying that I am going to get sick, too. Worrying that the husband will get sick. Shlepping vomitous children to the doctor. Trying to keep eyes open when the body is strongly against doing such a thing. Exhaustion.

One place true unconditional love is manifest in a sick household.



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