8 Weeks

Quite a bit of development has been going on in the mere 7 days since last week. Baby has webbed fingers and toes, the eyelids practically cover Baby's eyes, breathing tubes extend from the throat to the branches of Baby's developing lungs, and that cute, freaky "tail" is just about gone. Primitive neural pathways are being formed in the brain as the nerve cells branch out to connect with one another. Although already everyone I know has some sort of gender guess, including Rob, the external genitals still haven't developed enough to reveal whether it is a boy or a girl. Baby has graduated in size from a blueberry to a kidney bean, and even though Baby is constantly moving and shifting, I still can't feel it.

I may have missed the flu when it hit the house, but I have somehow developed a sinus infection. This is unlike any sinus infection I have ever had. I get sharp, stabbing pain behind my left eye if I breathe in too deeply, sneeze, cough, gag, chew or swallow. Afterwards, I have a deep pain surrounding pain in my eye socket area. I really do not like taking medicines when I am pregnant, but especially when I am in the first trimester. I am going to try a few natural remedies before I resort to anything else. Wish me luck!