It is never easy to write about imagery sessions because so much of it is the actual experience. Much is lost in translation, and my brain cannot remember much right now as it is. I have always found imagery sessions make me vulnerable in a lot of ways because what I see or visualize is inextricably tied to the inner-me. Whomever can interpret these images has a window into a me I may or may not want revealed, and in some cases, may or may not even be aware of. Also, it is interesting to see how my imaginings compare to others. Even though we are all given the same "storyline," we each come up with radically different images of how that story plays out. Because I would never share what someone else actually saw (it is very personal), it makes explaining the dynamic even more difficult. In isolation, I do not believe the imagery work would be as powerful. I will have to ask Carol about that though since that is just my gut feeling.

After this last imagery session, Rob and I were both on a mini-hi. There is something so refreshing about cleansing oneself, and then focusing on different areas of one's life through imagery. A group of us who were there found ourselves getting in touch via FB as soon as we got home so that we could try to expand and continue the feelings we were all having as a result of the session. I went back and read our comments and it kind of sounds like we were having a love-fest. Hehe. I believe we all realized just how much we had missed these learning and imagery classes with Carol and Neal.

I have to thank Cyndee for providing the place and programming. I thank Neal and Carol for coming into town, being willing to share themselves in the short time they are visiting. Lastly, I have to thank the group we imaged with for providing a trusting space for us to participate.



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