The Journey Begins


My body aches. I feel as if I fell down the stairs. My left shoulder, lower back, hip sockets. They ache. There is no good position to sit or lay in. Last night, when I was sleeping, I dreamed that Rob and I were shopping. There, at some store, we found a king sized bed, mattress and box springs for $250.00. Of course, we immediately purchased it. Or we were supposed to. I woke up at some point or perhaps I just don't remember the rest of it.

Neviyah has started to refer to herself as "the baby." Yesterday evening, Rob asked her to close the door to the cabinet. She isn't allowed in this particular cabinet. She did not comply after several opportunities so he picked her up and placed her on the couch then shut the cabinet himself. Neviyah was shocked! She cried as she got down from the couch and came over to me, "Daddy moved the baby!" [insert crying here] "Daddy mean to the baby!" [more crying here]. Before, she would have used her own name or sometimes she uses "you" instead of "me." Now, though, she is referring to herself as "the baby."

Alia Aliyah has really stepped up her game. She went from having nothing to do with Neviyah to really trying hard to control her every move play with her. She also, with out being asked, cleaned her room last night. We were thrilled and surprised. Usually, it takes all out drama to get her to even begin such a chore. When asked why she decided to clean her room, she said, "Actually, I cleaned it because I didn't have any room to dance." Whatever works!

Chandler led Havdalah last night. It makes me so proud. Did you hear me? It makes me SO proud. He is deliberate, loud, solemn and some parts/energetic at others and chants with intentionality. He doesn't just chant the words, rush through, do as monkey does...he really is creating an experience and it just makes me smile a great big smile to make Havdalah when he leads it. I guess the real thanks goes to Enid. She loves Havdalah and she has taught him not only the way in which to chant it, but she has empowered him with an understanding, a purpose and a love of Havdalah. It certainly shows when he leads it.