Busy as a Bee...or Story of a Beached Whale?


It is true. I have been too busy to blog. I have been preoccupied with things like my children's homework, redecorating rooms, decluttering junk, and sorting through mass amounts of mail. At the same time (literally and figuratively) I have been doing things like laying in my bed like a beached whale, sleeping at odd hours, and finding excuses to not move. It is almost like a have a lobotomy except that for an interspersed day or so, I become a motivated drill sergeant and busy bee. No bipolar jokes, please. I am certain I don't have it.

Neviyah has been entertaining me with her awesomeness. She is completely and totally all personality. She is not meek, not mild but still in the sweet 'n sassy category. I have been having so much fun just listening to her responses. Such a doll, this one.

Tomorrow is the doctor's appointment where he will pull the A panels or whatever they are called. Then I am guessing we will get started on this diabetes thing. I am secretly hopeful that I am NOT diabetic or at least only pre-diabetic. *crosses fingers*