Early Writings


This past week, and it looks this week as well, has been super busy. My French friend, Cyril, is in town. I haven't seen him since 1996 so the visit is long overdue. He came with Nutella and crepes so...I am double-y happy!

Speaking of seeing friends...the Bright family and ours were FINALLY able to get together this past Shabbat. I was tired and not all together on my game, but they were even more tired than me I think so I hope it went unnoticed. Poor Yeshiya (their son who is three weeks older than Neviyah)...Neviyah harassed him the whole time! She stole his snacks, drink and toys over and over again, chased him when he was able to get them back and then exclaimed at the end of the day--after Yesh gave her his sippy cup--"Look Mama, I sharing with Yeshiyah!" Despite traumatizing Yeshiya, she woke up the next morning and the first words out of her mouth were "I need to play with Yeshiya." Clearly, she had a good time!

Ice skating is over for Alia. I really feel like she needs to be involved with something because she does have such a hard time fitting in. I want her to have something that she can excel at, enjoy or just plain feel connected to. Perhaps she could also make friends! We haven't found that right thing yet for her.

Chandler read Torah Saturday and did a great job. He has joined the Yad Squad, an incentive program at our shul to encourage young teens to participate in the mitzvah of reading Torah.

I can't believe that Purim is this weekend. Rachael and I are making our annual Hamantaschin cookies on Friday. I am getting so old that I am already having sympathy back pains for myself. I really want to try a new diabetic recipe but I also don't want to have to rebake more if they turn out yucky.

Pesach is right around the corner...how did this happen?!? Time is speeding by!



Cyril said…
Since *2006* not 1996!

A little Nutella makes Kimber loose her head!

Btw for crepes, just take 16/17oz milk and incorporate one bag of crepe mix progressively til obtaining a smooth, liquid preparation (mix well to avoid lumps).

You don't need a special pan to make crepes, a small nonstick pan (about 8" diameter) will work just fine. Make sure the pan is as flat as possible. The lower your pan edges are, easier turning the crepe upside down will be.

Heat up pan over medium-high heat.

Holding onto the handle of the pan, remove it from the heat and swirl the pan so the batter coats the bottom of the pan. You want to make the coating as thin as possible. If you have holes in the crepe, go ahead and add more batter to the pan to cover them.

Return the pan to heat.

The batter will quickly dry and loose its shine. It's time to turn the crepe over. Use a non-metal spatula to loosen the crepe from the pan. A long spatula (7" would be great) to turn your crepes easily.

Use the spatula to flip over the crepe. It's perfectly acceptable to use your fingers if necessary. As you're really talented (aren't you?), try flipping the crepe over in the air using just the pan (as a precaution, just keep children in the other room while trying this ;))

Finish turning over the crepe and make sure that all of the crepe bottom is in contact with the pan.

Finish cooking the crepe. It will only take about 30 seconds for the second side to cook.

After the crepe has finished cooking, gently slide it out onto a plate.

I guess you have already figured out what the Nutella is for ;)

What?!!!! You already ate all the pot?!!!