Let the Cleaning Begin!


Sunday we begin cleaning the kitchen, kashering items, tub-soaking glassware, and finalizing all other areas of the house for Pesach (Passover). Cleaning is such a dreadful chore, but the results are nothing short of renewing. There is nothing better than coming home to a sparkling clean and uncluttered home!

This year, I am trying to frame cleaning from a different lens. I am trying to view it as I view other "work" type things that have a quality of renewal and therapeutic value. Cleaning my desk at work and assembling a list of what needs to completed, each item with its corresponding item in the To Do bin. Painting the walls with intention and expectation of its transformative role in make a fresh, new room. Rearranging furniture (a personal favorite!) and decluttering in order to reflect and update the feel of the space.

I will begin this with an imagery exercise. http://mscarolrose.blogspot.com/

In this way, I am going to clean for Pesach. The hard work. The attention to detail. The scrubbing of our living space. I plan to do this with mindfulness. And I plan to reap the full benefits of this intentionality during my Exodus this year. As I scrub away the dirt, the dust, the much, so too will I be scrubbing away the bitterness, resentment, guilt...by the end of this, I will find redemption. Not just me. But you. Us. Together.