Dietitians and Nutritionists


First of all, let me state, in no uncertain terms, that I absolutely detest the way "dietitian" looks when it is typed. I have nothing against them as career people. It is just the spelling--it makes me a little nuts. This may be a little OCD, but I usually spell it incorrectly because I can't stand to look at the word. I know. I shouldn't let you in on my quirks.

Anyway, it took me two months to get into this appointment and just last week I realized it was on Yom Tov. I made the decision not to cancel. I have been sitting on all this diabetes stuff, and to tell the truth, I would like to be done with it! Rob and I spend those two months cutting out labels of all the things we know and love to eat. Then, when we cleaned for Passover, we accidentally sold it with our chametz. Grrrrr!

To add to the wonderful start, when I arrived at the appointment, they informed me that the doctor ordered four sessions, and that our insurance had rejected coverage for all of them. Oh joy! I decided to go ahead with the appointment.

Side Note: I specifically requested someone knowledgable about ethnic foods and vegetarianism. I got...neither! What a complete waste of time! Two months I waited for this? Broke Yom Tov for this? Talk about guilt!

What I did get from the appointment is a list of how many carbs and lean protein per meal I am allotted. That took the bulk of the appointment--her playing on the calculator to come up with the numbers. She had no clue about Indian food, sushi, Thai or any other type of cuisine, and how it can or can't fit into the diabetic diet and/or the carb/protein specifications she laid out for me. She gave me no information on anything else either. Literally, I received the numbers she prepared during our meeting, and a brochure with some foods and concepts listed.

Lastly, to end on the best note possible, her scale made me 4 pounds heavier than the doctor office! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhghghghghghghgh!

To tell you the truth, I have been doing a pretty darn good job on my own. These are the only changes I have made:

1. Cut rice and grains down to 1/2 cup per meal.

2. Implemented a small 15 g carb / 3 to 5 g protein snack between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner.

3. Cut out dessert unless I have a glass of dry red wine beforehand.

4. One hour of cardio 3xs per week.

I will try to see how everything is affected by the new numbers from the Dietitian/Nutritionist. I guess I will start with that tomorrow or the next day.

Back to work tomorrow/Wednesday.