One, Two, Three, Four


We really aren't "TV parents."  Alia did not get to watch television until she was well into three.  We worked really hard at other forms of enrichment, and I think her vocabulary, speech and creatively speak for themselves. 

Neviyah, on the other hand, has had a different experience.  Since she was in the hospital so often, at some point in the middle of winter, after we had a stint of three weeks in, 10 days off and another 10 in, we caved to the television.  We put in one of those baby symphony tapes and she was transported to a place of contentment.

Once home again, our baby girl with the scar from hip bone to hip bone, really had a hard time being comforted unless she and I were snuggled in bed with some kind of white noise in the background.  That white noise turned to Yo Gabba Gabba and then expanded to Dora.  When she is especially upset, she runs to the hall and screams, "Mama, I want you to snuggle with me and Dora!" through her sobs.  By the time we reach my room, her sobs have become a gentle cry and once in bed, she is calm. 

Of course, I feel guilty for letting her watch TV.  It takes about 4 Dora's or 3 Dora's and 1 Yo Gabba Gabba before she is able to fall asleep.  I wonder how it came to this.  But then, the other day...

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10!"

It is Neviyah.  I watch her. She counts beads.

"Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez."

Huh?!?  I didn't know she could count to ten in Spanish.  Dora!  Now we count everything first in English and then she wants to repeat it in Spanish.  She she smiles that one-of-a-kind Neviyah smile.  Love it!



Mom said…
That is so cute...I can't wait to hear her count to 10 in Spanish!
Neshama said…
Soooooooo cute.... Taliyah also learned to count in Spanish, but not until she was closer to 3 since that was also when she started watching t.v. : )

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