And Here's What's Go-oooooing On!


* Have an assistant hired at work.  She is doing great!  Hopefully in the next few months I will be able to start remote working on Fridays again.

* Neviyah likes to play that she is a baby.  This usually occurs when she is doing something naughty, like flinging couscous on the walls.  When she notices she is being watched, she gives us that huge grin and say, "gaaaa gaaa goooo goooo."

*Alia had her blood work done today at the gastroblahblahblah.  We almost cancelled but she is still having some issues, just not frequently.  They tested her for anemia and celiac disease.

*First day of camp -- yesterday!  Chandler is a counselor in training for 1st grade and Alia is a camper.  Alia came home and talked nonstop about camp and what they did for what seemed like forever.  She had a great time!

* Rob's back is better.

* Love my new assistant.  She is kind, funny, competent.

* Still haven't restarted exercising.  There are just not enough hours in the day.

* Had a great photo shoot with Neshama.  Chandler was out of town after several reschedules so we just decided to go ahead with it.  There will be another shoot with Chan soon.  Sneak peak at -- click on blog and enjoy!

* Family reunion on my mom's side was Sunday.  Great turn out!  It was hot -- humid -- sticky but fun.  Got to meet in person some of our Florida relative, one of which is the only living sibling of my grandmother.  It was nice to see him as he is now the only remaining elder of the clan!  Also got to meet his son whom I keep up with on Facebook.  Nice to meet the real person.

* As you may well know, our rabbi was offered and he accepted, and then the congregation approved a 21-year contract.  Such a blessing!  He is an exceptional rabbi.  He is available, concerned, innovative, kind and visionary.  I am excited he will be our spiritual teacher for so many more years to come! 

* I have been reading some great books lately (or they seem great in light of other books I had been reading).