My Synagague


There are times I wonder why I have stayed away for so long.  Deep down I know why.  I am tired.  I wake up every morning at 4 a.m. and I have to begin the routine to go to work.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  Practically every Sunday we have plans that require me to wake up early.  It seems like Saturday is the day I can sleep in.  Okay, so I don't sleep in.  What's an insomniac supposed to do?  Saturday seems to be the day I can LAY AROUND.  Snuggle in bed with Neviyah.  Not have to get up.  I have been in that funk for months now.  I have been working too many hours and on Saturday, I just want to lay in bed for a long time with no expectations or demands on my time. 

When I am away too long, though, I feel the pull.  The "you need to go connect" vibe.  Today, I had that.  So I forced myself out of bed and went to shul.  (Okay, the real reason was to hear Jay chant, and to see if the Dixie Chicks enhanced or inhibited said chanting.)  And I have to wonder, why I have stayed away for so long?  I LOVE to daven.  I really do.  I need it.  But I also need the community.  I connected and reconnected with Neshama, Jessica and Lee, Sheryl and Faye and Laura, Susan, Jackie, Enid, Celeste. 

Community is a beautiful thing.  It was the community at B'nai Amoona that initially drew me to it, and it is the community that keeps me coming back (amongst other things, like our incredible rabbi, great learning opportunities, Betsy's kiddish, to name a few).  There are just some exceptional people at B'nai Amoona and it makes me feel wonderful to connect with them on Shabbos.



rach said…
Beautifully said... wish I could have been there to connect with you. However, you sent my husband away from me ;) and I am not superwoman enough to bring THREE kids to shule by myself.

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