It's Never that Simple


There has been a lot going on in and outside of this household. I feel like I haven't blogged in such a long time, and there are almost too many things to write about.  I hate backlogging, and I often choose not to do that.  I will say that even though this summer I have been working longer than usual hours and don't have my Fridays off to work remotely, this summer has been a lot more relaxing that I would have thought.  These long lazy Sundays are a sanity-saver.  For almost three weeks straight, from Saturday night to Sunday morning, I have slept through the whole night until 5:00ish a.m.  Woot!

Here are a couple of summer highlights:

1.  Rob and I were able to plan TWO (yes, I said TWO) nights out.  That concept and reality gets a number to itself!

2.  The first night out was a Sunday, and we went to Jacob's Pillow at Neve Shalom.  Wonderful, spiritual, musical time.  It is always a joy to spend time in the light of creative and amazing musicians. 

3.  The second night out we were going to Israeli dancing (which never happened) but we did make it to dinner at Stellinas.  DELICIOUS!  However, on this night out, two ba-aaaad things happened.  One, I started my period.  Not a good thing for date night.  Two, the food made me sick and I spent about 15 minutes post-restaurant throwing up in the parking lot.  Not a good thing for date night, either.  Still, it was nice to get out!  This Thursday, we are going to Israeli dancing so I hope there is class!

4.  Pizza-Salad Buffet at the local Orthodox shul with our family and Erin's.  I know that sounds lame but just hanging out with comfortable friends, being in the community, eating so-so pizza and so-so salad, recognizing others we know, chasing Neviyah as she ran in every direction in an attempt to cause us to exercise, the leisurely nature of the meal, even the overcrowded was all good!

5.  Shabbat at the Neshamas where the kids can wander in and out without having to worry is relaxing.  For once, we didn't have to be on high alert with Neviyah.  She could run and explore in safety.  Great food, especially the appetizers, bbq and dessert!  The interpretive Noah play put on by the kids was amazing.  I have never quite seen Bityah played that way.  Interesting!

6.  Girls night out with Rachael and Emily was nice and needed.  It was a beautiful night (not too hot and a little breeze), and we sat outside over tapas and drinks.  Leisurely.  Relaxed.  Full of stories, laughs, food.  So glad we chose tapas over movie and I am looking forward to the next one!

7.  Swimming and a movie with Erin and Ran.  You know I am not much of a swim girl, but this was awesome.  The pool had a big blow-up screen on which it played some kids movie.  Erin and I hung out at the baby pool with baby B who was an angel and Neviyah who (surprise) ran, ran, ran all over the place!  Ran and Rob hung at the shallow end where Alia and Juliet waded and watched the movie.  Custard afterwards after finding out that the shaved ice place was closed.  I had a great time and I hope we can go again.

8.  Movies.  Movies. And more movies!  No, not the house, as a family, in bed!  We can stream our Netflix now so we have been movie hounds.  I have thoroughly enjoyed corrupting my children's brains by snuggling in bed and zoning on movies.  Sorry, but it it has been wonderful!

9.  I can't remember if this was before summer or at the beginning of summer but it is worth mentioning.  Lisa and I went to see a Dead cover band, The Grateful Bob, at Llywellen's and had a great time! Lisa is such an easy person to talk with and such an open person that I really enjoyed hanging out with her.

10.  Sprinkler time on the deck.  The kids hang out on the deck and get soaking wet when Rob waters the container garden.  The squeals are delightful!

11.  Project Yokne'am Megiddo at Federation is something that Plia, Susie and I have been working on and it is fresh, exciting and satisfying!  As part of my Rubin obligation to get involved in a meaningful way, I chose connection-making/community building between St. Louis and Yokne'am.  Look forward to sharing with all of you when we roll out, and hopefully fostering and cultivating that connection as well!

12.  Photo shoot with Neshama.  Wow! Amazing! If you haven't seen the pictures/proofs, email me or FB me or comment to the post and I will send you the link.  Rob and I plan to have the pictures we want figured out in the next week or so.  Can't wait!

13.  This was probably no big deal to her, but I really enjoyed hanging out with Nancy at shul, and for sharing her wisdom and life experience with me.  I was a little down prior to that, and she really helped me shape a new outlook for a particular situation.  I have felt so much better ever since, and I have to add this to my positive summer experience.

That's it for now...have to wake the family and eat breakfast!


Anonymous said…
Gosh, Kim, what an incredibly interesting and meaningful life you are living! (and exhausting sounding)
Love ya!