Back to Reality

I think we have, for the most part, recovered from the lightening strike.  Rob seems to have no lasting damage, though I am carefully watching for memory and personality changes.   His hand seems to be fine.  We still have to finish making a component list of damages.  I just discovered yesterday that our printer is shot.  I am sure we will be discovering problems for the next couple of weeks.

School and preschool have started and I have not even been able to post about them.  There are lots of pictures and stories.  I hope to get that post done tonight.  I started school as well but it has been so hectic here I have not had time to really focus.  Excuses, excuses!

The site continues to have some redesigns to it.  New 100 Things updated for 2010.  Working on the About Me/Cast of Characters page.  Trying to figure out how the title "Kosher Granola" should appear.  Other little tweaks like that.  Updated the Good Reads area to include a magazine I love to read called "Tablet" and also added the "Cool Jew" site which is always entertaining.  My old favs are still there, like Treppenwitz and Jewminicana.

Lastly, oh so lastly, lots of new developments on the teenager-in-the-house. 

More to come on that one...not specifics, just generalities of the challenges of raising a teen and how to keep Judaism relevent at this time.