Enjoyable to Me


Camping!  In the forest, connected to nature.

Cooking! Don't get to often enough but I really enjoy it.

Eating.  Need I say more?
Since the cancellation of Ugly Betty, Glee has become the replacement show.  Love it!

I used to be a gymnast and I still enjoy watching the sport.

Pedicures.  Ahhhhhh!

Math!  Not the in-my-head math (not good at that) but Algebra, Statistics, Geometry...very enjoyable.

Wine.  Specifically, red, dry, oakey, smokey, hints of currant, blackberries, smooth finish

Reading.  Like you didn't already know this one!  One of my most favorite past times.



Rach said…
math?!? Blech! But Gymnastics is a favorite of mine. Watch it any chance I get. UGA has an awesome Gymnastics team! Gooo Dawgs!