Lasts and Firsts

We began with goodbyes.  This was the last day that Neviyah and Adeena would be at the office with their mommies and the rest of the staff.  It was a regular day for the girls, as they had no idea what this all meant.  For the mommies, though...a whole other story!

The hippy and the princess watch Seseme Street songs on
youtube in my office.
Hugs, hugs and more goodbye hugs!
Oooooh! That is a tight hug!
Silly friends.
Goodbye hugs for Rachael.
Goodbye hugs for me.

Just two days later was the first day of preschool for Neviyah.  It was a parent-child day.  The children were introduced to each other and their teachers with the safety and security of their parents there.  Here are some snippets of the day.

The children begin an art project.  It includes pictures
of their favorite toys in the classroom and the teachers.
Neviyah dancing during circle time.  The others stayed in the
safety of parental laps.  My daughter, though, cannot
resist a good spin whenever there are songs!
Neviyah waving when the teachers' Welcome Song was singing her name.
Neviyah waving and saying (loudly) "Hi!" to each child as his or her
name was sung during the Welcome Song.
It is tea time!
Neviyah is enjoying the Shabbat puzzle.
Tunnels and slides!
The rocking boat was one of Neviyah's favorites!

Neviyah builds a castle.

What better way to end the day than with an ice pop!


Heidi said…
Oh, that just flew by - seems like just yesterday they were babies! Very cute babies! I hope they transition well - they are both such smart sweeties that I can't imagine they wouldn't.