New Adventures!

I am so incredibly pleased that my youngest daughter is enjoying this adventure called life!

She loves school.  Every morning, she wakes up, gets dressed and runs to me excited to say, "Mama! Mama! I am dressed to go to school!" Then she jumps up and down a few times and smiles.

At the park, even though she is hesitant to try some of the equipment, she loves to run around from piece to piece.

Tonight, she was much too quiet and when we went to check on her, she was on the bathroom counter with a toothbrush and soap, "cleaning" the mirror.  When we asked what she was doing, she exclaimed, "I am cleaning the mirror for you!"

We had some small balloons blown up and laying around.  Neviyah neatly tucked one in the front of her undies and one in the back.  Then she ran around like a lunatic, screaming, "Look at me! Look at me!"

We play a game every day when I home from work.  I rotate them.  Today, we played Playful Patterns.  There are a series of cards and a variety of colored foam shapes.  The task is to put the shapes on the outlines to fill the card design.  It is a great introduction to geometry concepts and the artistic combinations are endless.  She LOVES this game.  Today, she chose the pattern of a bunny, a robot and a car.  She talks to herself, or me, when looking for shapes.  "I need a triangle.  A little triangle.  I want a purple one.  Okay, okay, okay.  There it is!  I put it on the bunny."  Then she is off to the next shape needed. When she is done, she is so proud of herself --as she should be-- and we give hugs, and high fives, and then she picks a new design card!

This little girl of heart just overflows with love.  Pure, delicious love!


Anonymous said…
Absolutely amazing!!