The School Crunch


It is school crunch time.  Chandler started today and reported that it was "boring" and that was that.  Alia started soccer today and starts school tomorrow.  She is fluctuating between excitement and extreme dread,  Neviyah has meet the teacher Friday and starts preschool on Monday.  She has no clue what any of this means. 

We just bought school supplies for Alia yesterday and we haven't bought Chandler's yet.  He will accumulate a list as the week goes on but that doesn't change how utterly unprepared we are for this year.

And on to toilet stories...
Neviyah is still experimenting with this re-potty-training thing. As you may remember, she at one time was completely potty trained (not overnight) and then one day just gave it up. Since then, in her diaper, she pees and tells.  Pees and tells. Recently our big-girl-underwear adventure consists of her putting on undies, peeing, changing, peeing, changing, peeing, changing...roughly 7 changes in 20 minutes.  I have never known a child to ration her pee in such a way.

Today, we tried again.  We put on the undies.  She requested the toilet.  She peed IN the toilet, not her undies.  Things were looking good.  Oh wait.  This does not have a happy ending.  No, after peeing IN the toilet, she went to her room, took off her undies, POOPED on her floor then called us in to see.  "I poopied on my floor Momma, come see! Come see!"  Joyous.  Just joyous.



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