Tichon -- A Great Year Ahead

Tichon is a program of Jewish study for students in grades 9 though 12. It is a religious school outside of the shul-model.  Tichon courses are taught from a traditional perspective with Jewish text at the program's center. In this program, students choose three elective courses.  Some academic schools are set up such that these courses will be accepted as for-credit towards graduation. 

Tichon is dedicated to an open, warm, creative and non-judgmental learning environment. This 2010/2011 school year, Tichon is offering some awesome classes!  Chandler attended the open house today and learned a little about each of the 9 courses being offered.  These are the three that Chandler chose.

Jewish Meditation
Taught by Rabbi Gershie Meisel
This class will present a deep exploration into this powerful and ancient Jewish art.  Through these sessions, we will learn basic fundamentals in meditation, practice unique Jewish meditations from old and be presented with an opportunity to find hidden and new things within ourselves.

Permission to Believe
Taught by Rabbi Gershie Meisel
Let's take another look at Judaism.  Why should I?  What is it about?  Does it really make any sense?  This is a chance to ask all the questions you were afraid to ask, to challenge yourself and reconstruct your whole picture of Judaism from the bottom up. 

Finding the Leader Within
Taught by Jocelyn Orloff and Rabbi Mike Rovinsky
Using Jewish tradition and contemporary leadership techniques, participants in this course will discover their hidden, and not so hidden, talents to lead themselves and those around them.
I have never heard of Rabbi Gershie Meisel and with two classes in a row from him, he better be good!  The brochure that came home today has a little biography of each teacher.  Here is his description:  Originally from LA, who describes himself as a precise Brad Pitt look alike, who loves Torah, plays guitar and enjoys chillin' out.  He has a Bachelor's degree in psychology at Yeshiva University, and a Masters in Education Administration. 

There are so many good classes to choose from...I think Chandler did a great job picking the ones that interest him.  I wish I could take them!