Against All Odds

Chandler started religious school today.  One of his teachers, the one teaching the first two classes, was out of town so Chandler had to choose different classes just for this week.  One of those classes was Against All Odds.  This class is about Israel.  As soon as Chandler got into the car, he was pumped.  "Aunt Kimber," he began, "I am thinking about joining the Israeli Defense Forces." 

Then, the entire ride home (1/2 an hour), he told me bits and pieces about specific events in the history of Israel as well as information about them in the technology and medical fields.  He and his friend were texting back and forth about what they learned and their new sparked interest in the defense forces. 

Here is the description of the class which is taught by Rabbi Chaim Possick:

Modern day Israel is truly a divine wonder of the current age.  How has it triumphed through four major wars and survived relentless terrorist attacks?  Meet the actual people who lived through what can only be described as miracles of Biblical proportions, and share their remarkable stories.


Kalanit said…
I forgot to add that this also spurred Chandler's wondering if miracles actually happen, and if so, is there really something out there causing them to occur...lots of deep thought after this class. Thanks Chaim for turning on Chandler's lightbulb!
Kalanit said…
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Rach said…
That is really awesome! Now, you need to bring Chandler to the IDF concert that BA is hosting soon!