I've Become a Sloth OR Who Are These Motivated People?!

It is true.  I've become a sloth without a tree.  But I have a couch.  That is where you will find me.  Snuggling my toddler.  Directing homework. 

It takes great effort to walk across the room, even  for dinner.  Some nights, I have a glass of dry red.  Some nights, I have cool ice water.  They are interchangeable. 

Who are these motivated people I read about on Facebook?  The ones mowing the lawn, trimming bushes, cleaning their house.  You know who you are.  Where does the energy come from?

I've decided I must begin to work out again.  I invested in a three-workout personal-training-led deal from Groupon and I start Wednesday.  It starts with a fitness evaluation.  I really am not looking forward to those results.

I am thinking that if I move around, I will get motivated.  I will find something more active to do rather than the current lay-on-the-couch activity.

Call it a funk.  A slump.  Whatever.  I just know it needs to be over relatively soon and hopeful the working out will be the motivator.