News Site Adds

You may notice some additional tabs at the top of the site. 
One is Cast.  This is still a work in progress--I put something together quickly to introduce my family.  More content to follow--I promise! 
The two tabs on the end, Reads and Watches, are an idea directly from my friend, Jenn.  She happens to be a lot like me in that she cannot remember titles and authors because she reads a lot.  So, she keeps a list -- a simple yearly list consisting of title, author and month.  What a great idea! 
I started thinking aloud -- but what about all the books I have read this year already?  I would never be able to remember them to list them.  And being the book-freak that I am, I wouldn't want to not list them if I read them this year. 
Jenn suggested to start the list after the new year, Rosh Hashanah.  Duh!  Sometimes I am a little slow.  Perfect place to start the list!  So there you have it.  Starting Rosh Hashanah, I will be logging what I read. 
Tonight, as Rob and I started a Netflix movie, I decided to expand that idea to include movies and documentaries I watch as well.  Hence, the Watches tabs.  Of course, any recommendations in either category are welcomed!