Year 5771

Wow!  This has been the best year ever so far! 

The high holidays were the most meaningful high holidays that our family has ever experienced.  Thoughtful, thought-provoking, meaningful.

Sukkot has been awesome!  Rob made the best sukkah we have ever had.  We have spent it thus far with great friends, delicious food, dang good liquor and wonderful conversation and debate. 

Our favorite friends, Neal and Carol, are in town and it has been wonderful to be able to spend Sukkot with them.

The younger children have been able to play with so many different kids from different age groups and life stages.  They have had a blast!  Sukkot may just become my new favorite holiday.  As you may remember, Shabbat and Simchot Torah have been my favs.  Right now, though, I would have to say Shabbat and Sukkot!   And when Sukkot was on Shabbat, we have an absolutely FANTASTIC time (thanks N & B). 

Thank you to all of our friends and men's club for making our Sukkot so special this year.  We still have a few days to go -- and I plan to stay on this Sukkot high to end!


Is that your actual sukkah? It is freaking amazing! Totes my inspiration! I've been chopping down trees all arvo to make one...