Clear, Deep Breathe

I have been just throwing the word LOVE around today.

I love Urban Dictionary's definition of love:  either a horrible disease or a blessing.

Today, it has been all love.  Love my rabbi.  Love my job.  Love my new gym.  Love working out even if I am sore as all heck.  Love my personal trainer.  Love Nevi's sticky face.  Love Alia's trusting eyes.  Love Chandler's spontaneous conversations about life in terms of whatever computer game he is currently involved with.  Love Rob's consideration of my needs.  I might even stretch to say that I love those stinky, hyper dogs Mordi and Sol.

I am in such a love fest that I feel that Neshama must be somewhere near and if she isn't, I secretly believe she may be beaming me some of those love-rays from afar.


Anonymous said…
Awww.....I LOVE you and your love post!!!! ~Neshama