The Denial of the Jump

Just our luck! The one night we have a babysitter.  At the store to score Sabra before heading out to get sushi and then on to the party.  The van is dead.  It won't start.  No problem, we think.  We have jumper cables.  It will be fine...

Rob (flagging down a car with three people inside):  I have cables, would you mind giving me a jump?

Driver:  No.  (drives off)
What?  Really?  You can't give us a jump?!  I scan the parking lot and take off for the far side of the lot.  Three times people tell me that they will not give me a jump.  THREE!

I then see a guy walking out of something like a phone store.  I jog toward him. 
Me (yelling across the lot):  Sir?  Sir?
Guy:  Huh?
Me:  My van over there (points into the distance) is dead.  Can you give us a jump?
Guy:  Do you have cables?
Me:  Yes!
Guy:  Sure.  Where is it?
Me:  Can you believe three people told us NO?!
Guy:  Really?
Me:  Yes, and my car is all the way down there.
So the nice gentleman drove over and gave us a jump so that we could continue on to sushi and eventually the awesome party that we went to.


Martiel said…
some people don't even know how a jump works, it wont kill there car if you barrow juice from their battery...sheesh! AND You had the plugs...I would jump you any day. no biggy