It Catches My Dreams

This Ojibwe spider, catching my nightmares, letting my good dreams pass through, sliding down the night feathers and softly (so as not to wake me) entering through my breath.  This bawaajige nagwaagan given to me by an oginali to keep my dreams positive, productive.

It would make sense to put this in my bedroom.  It would make sense to put it where I sleep.  That would be to hide it, though.  To hoard it. 

I have a theory about dreams.  They are like people, and they like to eat.  So often, before the dreams make their way to all the sleeping soul-people, it passes through the kitchen.  Because who can resist a little nosh before working?

So it is there, in my kitchen, that I have hung this dream catcher.  Where others can see it.  Where dreams meet for some nosh before floating to us with their message.

Thank you for the gift.