Soul Story - Part II

Part II?  You may remember Part I, Alia's take on the soul:  Souls in Line.  The soul theme continues with Chandler.

When I picked him up from religious school today, he jumped into the car with a calm demeanor and a smile.  He immediately started to explain about his first class, Jewish Meditation.  We had a rough start to the morning and this class was apparently just what he needed.  He said he immediately felt calmer.  He explained how they lit a candle in a dark room and concentrated on staring at the flame.  Chandler explained how he saw yellows, reds, blues and even a streak of green.  There was a beautiful fuzzy outer glow that had no sharp edge to it so that it melted into the blackness.  The flame danced harmoniously and violently.  He said that some people can meditate on a flame and be able to see all around it at one time. 

Then he started to tell me about the next class -- Permission to Believe.  This is where our Soul Story - Part II begins.  Chandler told me of their discussions, and he continued to tell me his questions and ideas the whole way home.  Did you get that?  The Whole. Way. Home.  

Chandler said that when discussing various things, from whether G-d exists to what our purpose is, he opined a theory.  "What theory?" I asked him.  Chandler proceeded to tell me his potential theory.  Perhaps G-d puts a little piece of his soul in each and every person.  And that once we all learn how to be one as a people in peace, then our collective souls will make up the one whole of G-d's soul.  That our purpose is just that: restoring G-d's soul to wholeness/Oneness. 

He also said that maybe all the prophets are on Earth right now, watching us and our behavior for that time when G-d's soul is ready/able to be restored.  Since we don't know who is a prophet and who isn't, we should always try to treat the other with the best respect because it might just be them. 

This is the story of the soul.  The pieces of the whole.  Waiting to be restored.  Waiting for us to make peace throughout creation.  According to my fifteen-year old.


Rach said…
Wow! just wow! That is such a awesome concept ... and so right on. Thank you for sharing but I am not surprised that this came from one of your kids. :)