This is the reality of it, my reality - I need to exercise.  I need to exercise to build and maintain my heart muscle.  To raise my HDL.  To control my diabetes.  To lose that extra 5 pounds.  To work down that pregnant-looking belly. 

This is the reality.  I cannot seem to find the time or motivation to workout.  At. all. period.  For a short while, when I had a workout partner, I was at least doing something but I was clearly more committed to hanging out while on the elliptical. 

Then there is the whole location issue.  The J is 35 minutes away at one end and 25 minutes on the other.  I have to find a way to carve out an hour to make the round trip and then an hour to workout.  As you can imagine, not happening.

So, Rob did a little research and forced me to check out a place 3 minutes from our house.  Bingo!  This place is perfect. It is small, quiet, clean, safe.  Normals workout there.  Training staff degreed.  Tonight I had my orientation and fitness assessment.  We set goals.  We configured the tringle:  nutrition, resistance training, cardio.  We identified three muscles through the squat test that need stretching.  Training begins on Wednesday.  Woot!


Anonymous said…
Go Kimber! Get your fitness on....EM