"Books." Or "Another Mikvah Obession."

Right now I am reading the book "A Piece of Cake" by Cupcake Brown.  It is a heartbreaking autobiography at this point, and it is hard for me to read because of that.  Still, I am committed to finish it, even though I can only read it in small stretches.

So on to the mikvah...my obsession with mikvah is well known.  I love to go, I love to blab about it, I love to act as the mikvah attendant for conversions and b'nai mitzvot (Is that feminine? If not, I meant the feminine plural of bat mitzvah.), I love to go with a woman for support when she takes on this mitzvah...shall I go on?!

The other day, I received a book recommendation and I cannot wait until I have some extra money to purchase it -- or maybe my family will buy it for me for Chanukah...?!