Dear Israel

Dear Israel,

It is hard to believe that it has now been over a year since I have seen you.  I still remember the day I left you, sobbing on Amir's white shirt, missing my family but hesitant to leave.  Those strong emotions were surprising.  I spent a good number of years of my life believing myths about you, until I dug a little deeper and saw what a complicated but beautiful place you are.  And then when I arrived...that connection was undeniable.  Where does this come from?  That a stranger to a land can step foot inside and have her entire frame of reference turned around?  Could it be that you were already a part of me? Is this what it means for my soul to have been at Mt. Sinai--that my soul remembers, and connects to my having been there before, to acknowledge that event, that acceptance, that awesome gift I received with my people? 

Nothing compares to you.