Hebrew - Ivrit - עברית

Hebrew.  It is getting hard.  On paper, it is easy. If I didn't have to memorize and speak, I would be great at it.  I love to write sentences, figure out the endings for masculine, feminine, plurals.  Speaking these things, though, on the spot is much more difficult for me.  I am always better on paper in English and apparently the same holds true for a second language.

I think this week I am going to make drill cards.  I really need to get some of this memorization and sentence placement (on the spot) down.  I wish someone in my family spoke Hebrew.  It would make a big difference to practice with the vocabulary I have learned so far. 

Tonight we started learning how to say things like "Good teacher, the good teacher, the teacher is good" as well as "Where does the (male) student learn?  He learns in high school.  Where does the (female) student learn?  She learns in middle school.  Where do the students (males) learn?  They learn in elementary school.  Where do the (female) students learn?  They learn at university."  Then we substituted teacher with student in the former and student with teacher in the latter.  Sound easy?  Yeah...I am sure by the end of the week, I will agree.  But tonight...it was a little difficult.

I am, though, enjoying the class and have stuck it out longer than my Hebrew class at Hebrew University (I think I lasted 4 classes and I was lost all four classes).  I must say that Gratz has a wonderful online Hebrew language program and I highly recommend it.


Rach said…
Yay Kimber!!! I am so proud of you for sticking this out and I can't wait to have YOU to practice with when I take h=Hebrew next year (hopefully)!