Twenty Random Thoughts

1.  Glee.  Not piquing my interest this year.  Still watching, mind you. I'm just saying.

2.  I am coming up on 10 years of blogging. Oy!  Although I like writing this blog the best out of any I have had, it happens to be the least read out of any from my past.  Go figure!

3.  In a little over a month, I am going to be (gasp) 41 years old.

4.  I am feeling resentful of the approaching holidays.  I have non-Jewish family who expect me to participate in their holiday and I really would prefer a year (or two or three or four) off.  I know that sounds selfish but it is what it is.

5.  I always wake up starving.  Literally, I have hunger pains.

6.  I can feel, even now, the ache in my legs from my last workout.

7.  Note to self:  I need to carve out two hours this week (early in the week) to record some Hebrew to listen to in the car.  The vocabulary is kicking my tuckis.

8.  How did I ever miss/not even know about the show Curb Your Enthusiasm?  I am recording all the back episodes (which they were in order!) and it is hilarious!

9.  I hope Neviyah never stops snuggling with me.

10.  I have sort of forgotten about my friend Tea with this coffee addiction situation.  I need to get back to Tea.  I do, on some level, miss it.

11.  Speaking of coffee, though, VJ Tea & Spice has a wonderful roasted coffee flavor called Bourbon Pecan that is fantastic!

12.  I need to limit my wine intake to 2 glasses on Shabbat.

13.  I haven't been recording books I have read or documentaries I have watched for the month of November.  Mainly, this failure has occurred because November sped past me.

14.  I learned the other day that Chandler's habit when he was small of chipmunking his food was likely the cause of his early speech issues.

15.  Avocado, Havarti dill, apples -- diced and tossed with Goddess dressing. Mmmmm!

16.  Are tic-tac's kosher?

17.  I have no idea how Neviyah can sleep in a diaper, no covers no matter how cold it gets in this house.  If I cover her, she kicks them off immediately.  If I put her in pjs, the come off within 10 minutes of laying in bed.

18. I need a mani/pedi.  Really badly.  I need to put money away for that.

19.  I need a Ginger Bay massage.  I have a gift certificate for it.  Just need to make the appointment.

20.  Time to wake the family for the start of our Monday!