Two-year Old Thoughts

Neviyah's First Day of Life
 Thinking that my 2 1/2 year old had no concept of what is involved with Chanukah, I asked her, "Neviyah, what would you like for Chanukah?"

Her exact words:  I want a lollipop...a bee...and a real baby. I will take very good care of him.  A real baby that says "goo goo gah gah."

Me:  A real baby?  What will you do when it cries?

Neviyah:  I will hold the baby in my arms.  It will say "goo goo gah gah."

Me:  What will happen when it is bedtime?

Neviyah:  I will sleep in the bed with it.

Me:  What will happen when he poops?

Neviyah:  I will wipe his poopie butt until the poop is all gone.

Me:  What will happen when he gets hungry?

Neviyah:  I will feed it oranges!


Martiel said…
too cute. get crackin Kimber, and rob.