When Life is Crazy

When life becomes too crazy, and is speeding past me like a bullet, then it is time to deviate from the norm and take some time to s-l-o-w down. 

This is what our family is doing.  Today we are not gathering with gobs of family members, nor are we cooking for our friends (or even ourselves).  We are not traveling to Chicago or anywhere else as in previous off years.  We are simply taking some time to breathe, relax and treat the day as if it were our own private holiday.

Later, we will get in the car and travel to a catered kosher early dinner.  We may start a fire in the fireplace and just hang around together like a lazy Sunday but with no time deadlines, no agenda.  Alia and Neviyah have been playing for hours while their papa watches football and their ima (yes, that's me) has been reading books and studying Hebrew.

I am really enjoying this lo-ooong, slo-oooow day.  Not too long ago, big snowflakes came tumbling out of the sky.  It was beautiful to watch.  I thought the kids would be thrilled.  They made their obligatory squeal and then ran off to play. 

This Thanksgiving is turning out to be exactly as we had hoped--a calm, relaxing day spent together as a family. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with light and love.