Kindle Baby

I received a Kindle this year for Chanukah.  I must say that I have mixed feelings about it.

On the techie side of it, it is awesome!  Instant downloads of whatever books I want!  The ability to highlight, bookmark, make notes...searches on words, phrases.  The text-to-speech sounds to robotic for me but the rest of the features are pretty neat.

On the literary nerd side of it, I am conflicted.  As you know, I love books.  I don't check out library books because I can't bare to return them.  When I read it, I want to own it.  I like to look at all my books because they make me feel good.  I like to browse the titles to see what I was reading 20 years ago, 10 years ago, today.  I love the feel of a book in my hands.  The activity of flipping the pages, the physicality of holding and turning pages is comforting.  Then there is the whole issue of possibility contributing to the extincting of books.  Reading from the Kindle is a different experience.

In summary, I am techie excited/literately conflicted.  Help?!


Martiel said…
you don't have to replace books with this tool; you can simply use it as a way of not packing your books on a trip and losing the book or getting beach sand on the pages...

also use the digitized version to stash in your work bag to read on breaks rather than bringing along your book version. Keep the book version at home or in a relaxed setting. The digital version is a grab and go type book.