Learning to Let Go

I keep forgetting that I want to remember to Let Go and to Glide in the Wind and to Bend My Branches.  I keep forgetting that I want to filter my words, purify and cleanse them.  I forget this in the midst of action.  I remember this when I reflect.  I need to reconnect with my inner-Deadhead but in a responsible and structured way.  I want to be that vision of myself.  I want to become that vision of myself.

I remember this again just now, when I am home and the family is napping.  I remember this after my meeting with J from high school.  This wonderful soul who journeys through life like me.  One who moves through life with intention.  I remember this as we catch up, when I reflect on my past and her past.  We journeyed together through some hard time and some good times.  I remember this as I see her struggle which is my struggle.  I remember this when I am now home, as my husband sleeps, as my baby girl sleeps, as my 8-year old chomps ice as she watches Scooby Doo.  I remember this as I think of my teen, carving out his journey the best he can, struggling as we all did at 15.

Remember to Bend.  My mantra.  Bend your branches to go with the flow of the gusty winds of life.


Anonymous said…
This is incredible and very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.