Planetbox Lunch Ideas

Alia and I are having fun coming up with Vegan-like lunches as she makes the transition into being a total Vegan.  I have ordered a book about packing Vegan lunches for kids as well as a nutrition book for Vegan children to make sure that they get the nutrients they need.  I don't know how long Alia will be on this kick, but at least we will be prepared!  Here are the last two days of lunches!
(Note: If you are nerdy like me, you can click on the picture to see a closer view!)

Today, Alia had clementines, baked sweet potato waffle fries, lemon noodles,
fake sausage on whole grain bread (that I cut into a circle) and for dessert--three M&Ms!

Yesterday, Alia had fresh chunks of pear, baby carrots, mixture of dried papaya, mango and berries,
vegan pasta with a tomato sause and for dessert--three M&Ms again!


Kalanit said…
Did I just spell "sauce" wrong?! Oy! I need to proof better!