In our quest to make healthy, Earth-friendly lunches for our children, we have tried out numerous lunch systems.  For the last two years, we have used Laptop Lunchbox.  The problem we encountered with this system was that our unorganized children lost the containers regularly and we would have to supplement with plastic baggies until a replacement order was received...just to have the same thing happen again and again and again. 

For Chanukah, the kids received a Planetbox and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new lunchbox system.  Each compartment is serving-sized and there are no individual containers needed to make this system work.

The outer bag is washable, has a flap for extra snacks or dipping sauces (comes with a large and small container for dips and sauces but neither are necessary for your child's lunch system to work).  There is also a spot for a water bottle.

The box itself holds magnetic decorations.  Here, Alia is using the retro cat magnets.

Here is tomorrow's lunch:  grape tomatoes, apple wedges, vegan mac -n- cheeseless, pita chips and a few M&Ms.

The Planetbox is safe, non-toxic and eliminates garbage.  The stainless steel is food-safe and will not leech toxic chemicals when in contact with the food.  There is NO lead, vinyl/PVC, Phthalates, Bisphenol-A(BPA) or other harmful or toxic substances. 

Learn more about it here: and please consider one for your child! I give it five stars!


Unknown said…
Why didn't you show me this before I bought my tiffins? This is so adorable!
Neshama said…
I seriously can't believe how connected we are! I've been looking for and thinking about a compartment lunch box for the kiddos to hold all their yummy raw foods. I looked at the Laptop Lunchbox, but wasn't sure about the compartment sizes. This looks amazing!! I am getting them for sure!!!! Thanks Kimber! happiness....
P.S. Our kiddos are having spinach leaves, red pepper slices,and sugar snap peas tomorrow. I can't wait to make them flax seed crackers from our new food dehydrator! I love that little compartment where you're holding the 3 M & M's, BTW! I might have to give them a little treat like that when we get these lunch boxes.
Martiel said…
do you think I can pull this off for Andrew's lunches? It is a good economical idea. Don't know if he will go for the retro kitty thow? ;)

I like the pop art magnets, if I end up getting it?
Martiel said…
hmm, only 3 m&ms? jipped. these look like tylenol.
Anonymous said…
I always liked your idea of the laptop lunch box, but always thought the same thing: the containers would NEVER come home. This is awesome! EM
Anonymous said…
what an interesting box. I don't eat out much so I would have little need for it but I still like it!
Nice blog too!