And You Shall Call Him (Her)...

No sooner had I posted the long process of adoption than I found out that it is a done deal!  We got the official OKAY and we are going to be Puppy Parents!  Our new puppy is listed on the website as Mariam but is being called Daisy by the foster family.  We plan to change her name when she is in our custody.  She has a story, though.  This is her story.

Mariam and her sister Abigail were born from two working dogs, a Great Pyrenees and an Anatolian Shepherd, on a ranch in New Mexico. 

Great Pyrenees

Anatolian Shepherd

The ranch owners were not amused nor smitten with these little ones. In fact, they were considered a liability.  The rachers were planning to shoot the pups in the head. Someone found out about this and rescued them. These pups were probably about 4 1/2 to 5 months old and had no people contact and had never been indoors. They had clearly been neglected.

From New Mexico, they were transported to Colorado and placed into foster.  Foster parents report that both dogs are shy of humans.  Most recently, Mariam has begun to follow human around but still does not like to be reached at though she will tolerate being pet.  She does well with other dogs, and assumes an omega position in the pack.  Sister Abigail is a little more social than her sister, approaching humans for treats and pets, though she also has a ways to go.  Abigail is on medical hold due to pneumonia.

Mariam loves toys, especially Kongs, ropes and tires.  She is housebroken and enjoys her crate as her safe place to retreat.  She is not fond of leashes and does not tolerate them at this point.  She is about 25 pounds, almost 6 months old and absolutely gorgeous.  The foster parents report that she is an adorable fluff ball!

Rob will be driving to Colorado to pick up the puppy and she will be with us Sunday night (late).  I can't wait to meet her! I plan to take Monday off work to evaluate and meet and fall in love with her (like I am not already!).  I have no expectation of her personality. I expect to her to freaked out, and although I hope that she transitions quickly, we will provide her with all the love, space, care and patience she needs to become acclimated.

Our to-be-named pup!